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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I cancel?

We will be sad to see you go, but there are no penalties or contracts.
You are free to come and go as you please and enjoy this discount at any time.

How do I cancel?

Easy. Send us an email and we will send you instructions on how to do it yourself. It only takes a few minutes.

Why is it so cheap?

We like to reward our customers for consistency, we know the best way to get the results you are after is with consistent effort.

What happens if my payment fails?

As this is processed through PayPal, we follow their rules.

To avoid overlapping payments, a reattempt will not occur if another subscription payment is scheduled within 14 days of the failed payment. Otherwise, PayPal reattempts a recurring payment three days after the recurring payment failed. 

If this first reattempt fails, PayPal waits 5 days to reattempt a second time. If the second reattempt fails, PayPal cancels the subscription.

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