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Peter Oman

My name is Peter Oman.

I have been taking BROC ON for over 7 months on a regular basis using 3 to 4 shots per day.

In the time that I have used them my energy levels have been stable and some of my tumours in particular my spleen have reduced in size by more than 60%.

I would highly recommend BROC ON to anyone with a debilitating condition where energy levels are low and where high antioxidant levels are required to assist in the elimination of toxins etc in their systems.

Linda Hoggard

Master Naturopath
Linda Hoggard is a qualified Naturopath and brings 20 years of clinical experience to BROC ON Australia. For many years Linda has been extremely passionate about the effects of using Sulforaphane based therapies in her clinic to help people maximise the potential of their own health and recovery from illness. Linda feels that Sulforaphane is one of the most significant compounds that we can invest in to support our own bodies to work optimally, so that they can keep up with and function in our current toxic, high stress environments.

After 5 years of tertiary study and 20 years clinical experience, Linda is well placed and passionate to use her understanding of the human body to educate of how amazing our bodies are and how we can best support them.

Personally, Linda is a consistent user of the BROC ON finding that the product has the most profound effect on her body of any Broccoli based product that she has tried.

What can I say, I just love the BROC ON formula. I have used Sulforaphane yielding products in my personal regime for many years now, as there is so much research on the benefits and I have always felt a benefit from Sulforaphane consumption. From a genetic profile point of view I have many SNP's relating to poor detoxification especially around Glutathione and Oestrogen detoxification. Also I can easily have signs in my body that my own antioxidants pathways are not able to keep up. This is very noticeable with exercise induced fatigue. Also in my SNP's and body symptoms I am very prone to inflammation. So hence my love of Sulforaphane and its ability to turn on my own detoxification and anti oxidant pathways through the activation of Nrf2, and turn off the godfather of inflammatory compounds NFKappaB. So I have always found sulforaphane to be of great benefit but I have never had the results that I have had from BROC ON. The significant Sulforaphane yield from this formula has taken my bodies ability to be symptom free to a whole new level.

Pamela Holloway

I am 71 years old and have been taking BROC ON for 3 months and have experienced a noticeable difference in my brain. I have gone from a sense of despondency to a positive outlook. I have better mental clarity and feel a sense of being refreshed when I wake up in the morning that I had lost.

There is a noticeable reduction in sugar cravings and so my willpower and diet has improved significantly. Between inflammation reduction and improved dietary tendencies I have lost 14kgs.

Also I have much more energy and have been able to exercise more consistently.
Currently I can be prone to fluid retention with the heat, there is a noticeable reduction in this when I take BROC ON.

Elena Paige
Wow! What can I possibly say about this product that would do it justice. 

The fact that I have tried EVERYTHING, and I mean everything alternative, natural, and therapeutic to help my bowel and migraines but nothing works. I have tried everything. And I live a very healthy lifestyle, have limited stress, eat well, exercise regularly, but nothing has solved my problems until now. I wouldn't have believed it unless I'd tried them. 

Since taking BROC ON for two months, my bowel is regular and happy, and my migraines have disappeared entirely. I hope this keeps up. I have more energy, my mind is clearer, my mood better in every way.

Forget meditation. Forget a million supplements. This is the ONLY one you'll need. Life-changing.

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