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BROC ON - 180 Sachets


BROC ON is a Broccoli, Daikon, Kale Leaf sprout, Pineapple and Wild Hibiscus Flowers mix, ready to activate from our sealed cap or sachet conveniently in our 55ml shot.

BROC ON was established with one clear goal, to deliver the best quality, most effective Broccoli sprout based SULFORAPHANE yielding product on the planet. It does this by delivering high levels of Broccoli, Daikon and Kale sprouts. These are all high in the precursors for Sulforaphane to be produced.

This great tasting shot is packed full of nutrients and is the 'healthiest drink on earth' with a concentration of glucosinolates and active Myrosinase. These combined form high levels of Sulforaphane and Sulforaphene (making this powerful little shot the greatest form on earth).

BROC ON is the latest scientifically advanced health beverage. The nutrients stay in our patented cap or sachet, allowing you to get the benefits when activated in water!

Nothing else but high performing goodness. Broccoli sprouts are packed with vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E & K, glucoraphanin and the added bonus of fibre.



What You Should Know About BROC ON

What is BROC ON?

BROC ON is a Broccoli, Daikon, Kale Leaf sprout, Pineapple and Wild Hibiscus Flowers mix, ready to activate from our sealed cap or sachet conveniently in our 55ml shot.

BROC ON was established with one clear goal, to deliver the best quality, most effective Broccoli sprout based SULFORAPHANE yielding product on the planet. It does this by delivering high levels of Broccoli, Daikon and Kale sprouts. These are all high in the precursors for Sulforaphane to be produced.

What is the Need?

All you have to do is start googling what you would need for certain health challenges and how to optimise your genes epigenetically, support detoxification etc and you will find a large body of research around Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is definitely the major buzz word in functional medicine.

The need is for a product that verifiably has the precursors required for our bodies to produce Sulforaphane in the digestive tract and then to have these precursors still viable when taken and at enough potency and amounts to have a clinically significant effect.

Where the competition falls short.

When you look at the competition they fall short in one or more of these areas low dose, heat processed, use of fillers , are in tablets, capsules or powders in tubs that start to oxidise once opened.

The potential use of herbicides and pesticides to particularly control bacteria and fungal growth in the sprouts whilst they are growing can also be an issue.

The other short fall is in the consistency of Sulforaphane yielding precursors in the sprouts being grown.

It is the reaction of the vegetable enzymes and precursor in the powder that combine together to form Sulforaphane in the body. Many competitor products do not contain the vegetable enzymes to convert the precursors into maximum levels of Sulforaphane, rather they rely on the inefficient human gut Myrosinase for the conversion, which may only convert 10% to 40% or so of the precursor to Sulforaphane.

Our Solution

The BROC ON German designed sealed cap Delivery System or our Australian packed sachets, ensures consistent freshness, no need for fillers and a consistent 2.5 grams serving size.

BROC ON has an exclusive proprietary blend and rights to hybrid high yielding seeds developed over 15 years, ensuring high Enzyme and Sulforaphane pre cursor yield. 

The seed is always analysed in the Australian laboratory using HPLC analysis for maximum bioactive identification and only that seed is used to produce the final BROC ON product in the Australian plant.

How the Seeds are grown

BROC ON’s seed is grown and sprouted to release the maximum of these bioactives necessary for human health, all under international HACCP license, in Australian environmental growing chambers that continually monitor temperature, humidity, 24 hour pulsed daylight.

The sprouts are grown hydro organically, without the need for harmful herbicides or pesticides to manage bacteria and fungus.

BROC ON harvests every 3 days to achieve the right bio chemical levels when the enzymes and precursors are at their highest.
Once harvested the sprouts are air dried ( this avoids the need for heat treatment ), milled and vacuum sealed on the same day.

Do we do testing?

Batch testing is also undertaken to ensure consistent precursors to Sulforaphane ( Glucoraphanin ) and vegetable enzyme ( Myrosinase ) availability.

These processes ensure that the product is naturally NON GMO, free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, fillers, artificial flavours, Gluten Free and Vegan.

What is Sulforaphane?

Sulforaphane is a naturally occurring phyto chemical belonging within the iosthiocyanates group of organosulfur compounds.

Sulforaphane is produced in the human digestive tract from two precursors:
Glucaraphanin: a glucosinolate ( sulphur containing compound )
Myrosinase: the enzyme that hydrolyses ( breaks down a compound by a chemical reaction with water ) glucosinolates.

When we consume these two compounds in our body Sulforaphane ( 1-isothiocyanato-4(R)- methylsulinybutane ) is formed.

What does Sulforaphane do?


Sulforaphane turns on our cells defence mechanisms; it does this by activating Nrf2 and downregulating NF-kB

Detoxification: The process of removing toxic substances

Detoxification is a fundamental process of all of our cells. It is a built in defence mechanism needed to handle the end products of making energy, cellular processes and also toxins from outside of us that end up in our cells. When these toxins are not dealt with our cells become less functional, it is difficult for them to make energy and if there is enough toxin overload they can become sick and even die.

How do our cells detoxify?
The cells of our body have built in antioxidants. The major antioxidants that Sulforaphane activates that are critical for detoxification are:

An extremely important antioxidant capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides and heavy metals.
Quinone Reductase
Significant detoxifier of carcinogens and a key enzyme in Oestrogen detoxification
Plays an important role in the protection against metal toxicity and oxidative stress and is involved in zinc and copper regulation. Metallothionein’s have the capacity to bind cadmium, mercury, silver, arsenic and copper.

How does Sulforaphane turn on our cells Detoxification/Antioxidants? THE POWER OF Nrf2

What is Nrf2?
A protein that is a master regulator of antioxidant gene expression.

We now know that our genes and the subsequent function they can control can be turned up or down. So, imagine if there was a protein that new all the genes that needed to be turned on at once to help our cells protect themselves. Well this is Nrf2, when activated by Sulforaphane the Nrf2 protein moves into the nucleus of the cell and switches on these 200 or so genes all at once, the master regulating switch.

Inflammation: part of the complex biological response of our body tissues to harmful stimuli, pathogens, damaged cells, toxicity, irritants etc. The function of inflammation is to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury, clear out dead and damaged cells from the original insult and the inflammatory process.

That is the positive side of inflammation but unfortunately this process can keep on going and result in chronic inflammation. Chronic Inflammation is the driver of many diseases.

How is Sulforaphane Anti-inflammatory/ The Power of inhibiting NF-kB?

What is NF-kB?
A protein that turns on the genes which promote inflammation, also linked with tumour cell growth, proliferation, angiogenesis, invasion and survival.

NF-kB is another master switch, this time the switch turns on our inflammatory pathways and when inflammation becomes chronic the switch can get stuck in the on position.

Sulforaphane is a known inhibitor / blocker of NF-kB.
gives us a clinically potent and effective amount of Sulforaphane per serve. With this one shot we can activate Nrf2 and inhibit NF-kB effectively giving us a totally natural, scientifically proven way to work with our own genes to encourage optimal function and health at a cellular level through DETOXIFICATION, ANTI OXIDATION AND ANTI INFLAMMATION.

How Many BROC ON To Take?

Most people go well on one shot per day. If they have more going on with your body, then they can take one BROC ON twice a day.

Who Takes BROC ON?

Anyone looking to Optimise, Maximise, Improve and Enhance their body

We commonly speak to people having great results utilising BROC ON daily with many conditions, also with athletes and other high performers looking to optimize their bodies for enhanced function and recovery.

It is very common for Natural Medicine practitioners to seek out our product in the search for the best option for their clients. In fact, as we mentioned in our introduction Sulforaphane is the buzz word in functional mediciane. Genetic testing and epigenetics are where all functional medicine practitioners are turning. It is a general consensus that when people have multiple issues in their genetic SNP’s that first you clean up their diet and lifestyle then second you supplement with Sulfurophane – then you see what still needs to be handled.

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